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Llenar Manufacturing

Let's reduce our ecological impact one container at a time.

We develop and design vending machines suitable for all liquids. Equipped with the latest technology 4.0, our automated vending machines allow you to receive your data in real time.

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Llenar Distribution

Opt for a complete solution for managing and supplying your Llenar vending machine. No inventory management is required for your business. The data acquisition system indicates the amount of liquid and the condition of your equipment 24/7. Benefits? No filling out orders, reduced handling, labor and storage space.

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Reduce your waste at the source

Customized solutions for liquid, food and non-food products manufacturers and distributors.

  • Innovation
  • Ecological
  • Economic

As pioneers in the bulk market, Llenar machines offer significant profitability with a saving of 75% on the container.

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About Llenar

Our mission is to design innovative circular economy solutions for the bulk market.

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